Friday, April 22, 2011

LCBO Summer Beer Release

So, the list of summer seasonal beers was announced via last week and it is much better than most summer LCBO releases. That being said, most of the offerings are on the safe side but there are some gems among this release.  The complete list is:

  • Lindeman’s Kriek (355mL, $5.95)
  • Lindeman’s Cuvee Rene Gueuze (355mL, $6.45)
  • Great Lakes Green Tea Ale (650mL, $4.95)
  • Dieu du Ciel! Rosee d’Hibiscus (341mL, $3.10)
  • Charlevoix Dominus Vobiscum Blanche (500mL, $3.85)
  • Brasseurs de Montreal Coeur Brise Raspberry (341mL, $2.85)
  • Trafalgar Cherry Ale (650mL, $4.50)
  • Schneider Organic Wiesen Edel-Weisse (500mL, $3.25)
  • Schofferhofer Hefeweizen (500mL, $2.50)
  • Christoffel Bier (330mL, $2.85)
  • Wells and Young’s Banana Bread Beer (500mL, $3.50)
  • Dark Star Sunburst Golden Ale (500mL, $3.45)
  • Celt Golden Crafted Ale (500mL, $3.45)
  • Samuel Smith’s Organic Raspberry Ale  (550mL, $5.50)
  • Badger Golden Champion Ale (500mL, $3.50)
  • Fuller’s Organic Honey Dew (500mL, $3.25)
  • Southern Tier 2XIPA (355mL, $2.95)   
There are some familiar brews that have been included in the past, but there are some solid new additions from Charlevoix and Fuller's as well as Southern Tier's 2XIPA to bring some hops to the table here. 

My personal favorite from this release, aside from the Southern Tier, is the Lindeman's Cuvee Rene Gueuze. This is a pull no punches authentic sour lambic. What makes lambic beers so special is the difficulty of making them due to the fact they are made using wild yeast that is airborne in these Belgian breweries. These don't come around that often in Ontario, in fact this is a first. For what this costs it is an absolute steal when you consider this beer can withstand about 15 years of cellaring. Then Lindeman's Kriek is also worth a try but it is a sweeter lambic, comparable to Mort Subite that is currently available. 

Not the best release but certainly not the worst, lots to be excited about beer wise in Ontario right now.

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