Monday, October 25, 2010

Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

 This week the LCBO received Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout again. You may (or may not) remember seeing this last year and because it did so well its back again. Brewed only once a year this ink-black imperial stout is the perfect winter warmer. At a whopping 10% ABV it warms in addition to being loaded with flavor.
  The chocolate flavors are front and center here - considering that this is not brewed with any actual chocolate is impressive. It also has notes of coffee in the nose and palate that conceal the taste of alcohol almost completely. Very drinkable considering its strength - in my opinion this is a world class stout that ranks right up there with Peche Mortel and Stone Russian Imperial Stout. 
  If you have the patience you should grab a few extras to age for a couple years. With its high alcohol content it will hold up for years to come. Also its only $2.55 a bottle so it doesn't break the bank either. Great value for a great beer, go out of your way for this one because its worth it.

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