Sunday, October 3, 2010

Muskoka Harvest Ale

 So I was excited this week to see that this has made its way to LCBO shelves. After hearing so much about it from last years run and from the release parties that took place over the last few weeks I couldn't wait to try it. For starters, this comes in the nicest bottle that I have ever seen. Its like a wine bottle with a swing top with a very understated label that is still very eye catching. They spared no expense packaging this, certainly worth the $7.95 based on looks alone.

  It pours an intense copper colour with a fluffy white head that left a thick lace on the glass right away. It smells very rich with a thick hop aroma coming through instantly. The aroma ends with a malty character that has a subtle grassy note coming through. The taste is very hop forward at first followed by a pronounced dryness. The grassy elements revealed in the nose reveals itself further on the palate while still maintaing a dry, hoppy presence. The mouthfeel is quite full but not overbearing and is amazingly refreshing for it being so dry. It drinks very, very well even though it comes in such a large bottle.

  This beer is outstanding. Everything form its packaging to how the beer itself fully embraces the season it was made for makes it nearly perfect. This might be the perfect Ontario autumn ale - everything about this makes you think of the autumn harvest. Pick this up while you can, this beer is the ultimate companion for a long fall afternoon.

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