Sunday, October 17, 2010

IPA's worth picking up

  So as you may have noticed in the last little while there have been a few really good beers available through the LCBO. But for all of the hop heads out there some IPA's have made there way to Ontario with perfect timing. Now that Dogfish Head can no longer keep up production of the 60 Minute IPA there is a huge void of hoppy beers available. Southern Tier's IPA is outstanding and available year round as are Duggans #9 and Tankhouse but thats where it ends really.

  For a limited time this is no longer the case. The Dieu Du Ciel! release brought Corne Du Diable, an off-balanced but blindingly bitter west coast IPA that has sat in my top 10 list since first trying it over a year ago. From the east coast there is Garrison Imperial IPA that has an incredible hop presence but is refreshing and drinkable despite its 7% alcohol volume. Representing the west coast is Mt. Begbie Brewing Nasty Habit IPA - this is a much more traditional IPA that still incorporates subtle traits of the west coast style. Nasty Habit may not be as bitter as the other 2 but its still exceptional.

  It's easy to see why IPA's have been the most popular style among the beer crowd. Enjoy these while they are fresh and while you can still find them!

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